Killing fields



Genetics: Sannie’s The One x Sannie’s Jack F4
Flowering: 70-80 days
Yield: 700 gram/m2
THC: 22%
Sannie’s Seeds are based in Holland and enjoy a solid reputation thanks to their great original strains like Killing Fields. A cross of Sannie’s The One with their Jack F4 plant, Killing Fields is a product of a long line of quality genetics. The One is the result of a Killa Queen / NYC Diesel cross known as Killian and Blueberry, and is known most of all for its fantastic shape and its aromas of grape and berry. Jack F4 is Sannie’s version of the well known Jack Herer strain, which shows a lot of Haze influence. With a The One mother and a Jack F4 father, Killing Fields is part American, part Dutch, and as such can grow tall but also loves listening to Bruce Springsteen.


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