Indica 55 / Sativa 45
Origins: Mexican Sativa x Top 44
Flowering: 56-63 days
Harvest: mid October

Nirvana created this strain as a mellow sativa option for novice indoor growers, and outdoor growers in rough climates. They started with a beautifully, hardy, stable Mexican sativa, reminiscent of old strains in her more mellow potency and agreeable nature. This strain was crossed with Top 44, one of their best selling commercial varieties. Top 44 has become popular in Holland for her easy cultivation, fast finish (just over six weeks in perfect conditions), and compact profile. Nirvana breeders forced a female Top 44 o develop male flowers using giberellic acid. The resulting strain, Kaya, is feminized, meaning that ll her seeds are females. These parents have produced an easygoing plant that beginners will enjoy growing.


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